About Us

Poetry for Grand Parade Poets is the imaginative use of language under pressure for the enjoyment of both others and yourself, and as such we believe there are plenty of readers who don’t wish that contemporary Australian Literature, let alone its Poetry, be turned into a sideshow booth at some 365 Day Writer’s Festival, or a dingy, cramped branch office of Cultural Studies. It is too serious an occupation to be beholden to such ephemera, though with a wonderful perversity there is no section of the arts better suited to not taking itself too seriously. For poetry can and indeed must be both elitist and democratic, with this wonderful combination being able to bring high-powered imaginative entertainment and intellectual pleasure to those willing enough to meet it at least part of the way.  Our aim being to publish poets of music, passion and wit/intelligence, we trust you enjoy the results. Grand Parade Poets would never have had the courage to commence.

Alan Wearne