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Cassie Lewis – The Blue Decodes – Melbourne and Sydney Launches

        We are honoured to both publish and launch THE BLUE DECODES by CASSIE LEWIS. After two decades-plus of quiet yet pointed observations in both Australia and the United States, The Blue Decodes is poetry by a woman speaking for herself and just as importantly about her generation, a generation whose ambitions […]

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Evan Jones is a notable senior Australian poet whose underrated status deserves to be rectified. This volume contains a generous selection of his published work, spanning more than half a century. Marked by clarity, formal versatility and technical command, Jones’ poetry celebrates family, love, friendship, the ordinary and extraordinary in daily living – and does […]

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Unpredictable and boisterously entertaining, Cassandra Atherton’s Exhumed is a collection of interconnected prose poems exploring the reanimation of canonical texts against a backdrop of popular culture references. Atherton’ s appeals to humour noir and the politicisation of the poet’s private spaces make for an exhilarating and intoxicating read. EXHUMED – CASSANDRA ATHERTON – $21.95   […]

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A Vicious Example: Sydney 1934 1392k1 – 1811 1682k2 and other poems by Michael Aiken

The nature of Sydney and the nature in Sydney, these are the foundations for much of Michael Aiken’s plain-speaking poetry, a verse that can be spare or lush as the city itself or as the city requires. Michael Aiken’s poems are minimalist in style and expansive in scope. He has the ability to infuse a poem with menace […]

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Free Will and the Clouds – Rob Wilson

Unaligned with any of Australian poetry’s factions, yet well aware of his audience, Rob Wilson enjoys writing his risk-taking, for-the-hell-of-it poetry. In an era of often overly-informative maximalism, Rob Wilson is succinct and measured − half-turned towards the world while auguring some newly burgeoning creation. Within the cathedral of Modernism, these poems are constructed like little […]

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