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Evan Jones is a notable senior Australian poet whose underrated status deserves to be rectified. This volume contains a generous selection of his published work, spanning more than half a century. Marked by clarity, formal versatility and technical command, Jones’ poetry celebrates family, love, friendship, the ordinary and extraordinary in daily living – and does […]

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Unpredictable and boisterously entertaining, Cassandra Atherton’s Exhumed is a collection of interconnected prose poems exploring the reanimation of canonical texts against a backdrop of popular culture references. Atherton’ s appeals to humour noir and the politicisation of the poet’s private spaces make for an exhilarating and intoxicating read. EXHUMED – CASSANDRA ATHERTON – $21.95   […]

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Free Will and the Clouds – Rob Wilson

Unaligned with any of Australian poetry’s factions, yet well aware of his audience, Rob Wilson enjoys writing his risk-taking, for-the-hell-of-it poetry. In an era of often overly-informative maximalism, Rob Wilson is succinct and measured − half-turned towards the world while auguring some newly burgeoning creation. Within the cathedral of Modernism, these poems are constructed like little […]

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it comes from all directions

It Comes From All Directions

Steel worker, jackhammer labourer, crane dogman, student, employment bureaucrat, high school teacher, community activist, local government councillor and ultimately Mayor of Ashfield, Rae Desmond Jones (1941-) has had a life parallel to poetry like very few in Australia. He may write in a realist tradition but one very much on his terms. This volume features […]

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Scourge of Brisbane’s poetasters (indeed of all that breed) Liam Ferney (1979-) is an irascible risk-taking entertainer who earns his living as a PR flak, who from the age of 14 was involved in poetry readings and festivals. Boom captures the fabulous combative nature of Ferney’s experience & poetry; this is language to be confronted […]

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indigo morning

Indigo Morning

With one previous credit to her name for a volume in the late 1980s, Rachel Munro (1953-) has been diligently ‘ploughing her own field’ in Australian poetry for decades. Her verse is keenly observed and shot through with wry quips and wryer subtlety. Munro’s is a brave voice but not overbearing, rather it takes courage […]

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Domestic Archaeology

Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne lives in Perth, Western Australia, with her female partner of eighteen years and their four-year-old daughter. Centred on the universal themes of family life and on issues of fertility/infertility, her poems are public works of plain speaking vigour. ‘For if we are a modern family,’ she says, ‘my poetry also shows we are breathtakingly similar to most […]

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Perrier Fever

Pete Spence (1946-) has achieved an enviable international acclaim for much of his work in painting, experimental film, visual poetry and of course the exuberant, engaging lyric verse. Pete has been one of the undiscovered heroes of Australian literature, for over four decades he has been quietly pursuing his own direction in this multiplicity of […]

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6am in the Universe

With an inheritance from Ginsberg and the Beats, the Symbolists, the Russian Futurists and Artaud, Benjamin Frater (1979–2007) applied their traditions to his vision of the suburbs of south-west Sydney, producing, with his unique, visionary work, both on the page and in performance, some of the most total and committed poetry of his generation. His […]

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